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EPG Land Use Consulting


  • Working closely with both the CEO and EPG’s marketing manager, I wove the relevant pieces of her story and the company’s history into a newsletter Op Ed that also firmly established why the proposed moratorium was profoundly short-sighted.
  • I also conducted a one-day writing workshop with the CEO to help draw out aspects of her bio that lend her unique expertise, so  for different audiences.

We published the Op Ed in our newsletter and it was a hit! People came up to our CEO, hugging her, crying because they were so moved. People  re-posted it on LinkedIn and we reached tons of people on social media. Definitely our most successful newsletter – and newsletter content –  to date.

Victoria Peterson

Marketing Manager, EPG Land Use Consulting


  • In November 2016, a well-funded measure was on the ballot that if passed, would have halted construction on major development projects city-wide for a year.
  • EPG guides builders through LA’s permit and licensing regulations. The company focuses on multi-use projects that bring life back to historic, architecturally significant venues in LA’s downtown core. The CEO has a personal link to many of the city’s historical buildings, which also informed her passionate opposition to the proposed measure. While her experience lent her a unique authority, nobody outside the company’s inner circle knew about it.
  • Besides being disastrous for companies like EPG, with numerous projects already in the works, this proposal would have cost thousands of jobs, devastated the economy and worsened the city’s homelessness crisis, without creating sustainable policy.
Your workshop was phenomenal. I am writing often now and my passion is back. I cannot thank you
Elizabeth Peterson-Gower

Founder and CEO, EPG Land Use Consulting


  • The CEO’s fascinating revelations and insights helped that edition of EPG’s newsletter perform better than all previous editions, and the story was also broadly distributed and reposted via social media outlets and picked up by influential members of the arts, architecture and development community, receiving overwhelmingly positive engagement.
  • The moratorium was successfully voted down.
  • The workshop jump-started the CEO’s writing, which has continued to feed the company’s content stream, public speaking engagements, boosting the company’s public profile.