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  • Lewa Wildlife Conservancy‘s newly appointed US-based director needed a keen editor for the year-end newsletter as well as a way to introduce herself and her vision.
  • Lewa’s community conservation model has gained visibility in recent years and many are looking to replicate what they do.
  • Lewa staff are awash in inspiring stories, but many of those stories have never been harvested


  • I edited the newsletter under a tight deadline and helped channel the new director’s vision into the stories.
  • I also hosted a story workshop where key staff practiced telling their favorite Lewa stories.


  • Many of the stories were new to their fellow employees and the most powerful of the bunch were earmarked for future development.
  • Now, those stories are being produced and shared with donors, reporters and other conservancies interested in the remarkable social collaboration Lewa is facilitating to protect wildlife and support communities.