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Natural Capital Project


  • Joining the staff as Communications Lead based at Stanford University during this key moment in the organization’s development, I engaged in strategic planning for a new website. We identified target audiences and messages, efforts which funneled into a larger branding refresh aimed at elevating the organization’s global profile.  I worked closely with other staff at the Woods Institute on the Environment and partners across the US to coordinate social media campaigns and press releases.
  • Designed by Seattle-based Caravan Labs, I curated imagery and created custom content for the new website, distilling NatCap’s major accomplishments into accessible stories.
  • I channeled a stream of custom content into the company’s e-newsletter and into social media channels that kept the website’s home page fresh, improving SEO and traffic.
  • Collaborating with senior management and an in-house designer, we produced a series of 2-page brochures to describe projects for select audiences, including leaders in the business & finance community
  • I acted as creative director for a new infographic describing the organizations’ vision and value proposition, conceiving of the concept, hiring a conceptual artist and illustrator, and shepherding the process to completion.
  • I also worked one-on-one with staff members with an innate drive to write and got their voices and ideas into publication.


  • The Natural Capital Project hadn’t substantially updated its website in ten years.
  • Additionally, many in the organization’s target audience were unaware of the scientific and intellectual advancements for which NatCap was responsible.
  • As the ideas driving natural capital valuation caught on in both the NGO and business community, NatCap’s unique expertise was getting lost in a sea of newer start-ups that lacked NatCap’s technical prowess and software tools.

Stacey really helped my organization bring our stories to life. She taught us to focus on people–the real nugget of any story.  She gave us a new perspective and fresh voice.

Anne Guerry

Chief Strategy Officer & Lead Scientist, Natural Capital Project


  • By engaging target audiences, in a few months I more than doubled the organization’s social media footprint.
  • Working with NatCap’s Chief Strategies Officer, I midwifed a powerful Op Ed dispelling popular misconceptions and elevating NatCap’s leadership.
  • The organization now has an array of its best stories online, in print and in social media which has helped attract press (i.e. a newsletter blog post helped inspire a feature in The Smithsonian), funding, and has strengthened the organization’s brand identify in a crowded field.

Stacey was the best writer we’ve ever had and told the stories we never knew we had in the first place.

Rich Sharp

Lead Software Architect, Natural Capital Project