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The Nature Conservancy


  • I read publications and interviewed scientists about their work: what they did, why they did it, and what it had achieved.
  • I wove data, findings and fact into concise, cohesive narrative accounts.


  •  A new website was launched in the fall of 2017.
  •  These web stories helped generate dozens of news articles, including write-ups in The New York Times here and here, Scientific American, and the San Francisco Chronicle among others.
  • These stories are already garnering support, and empowering affiliates to build off hard-won scientific advances.


  • The Nature Conservancy of California’s science team has made huge conservation advances, largely by using technology to partner with communities outside the typical environmental realm.
  • Many breakthrough stories from the past ten years were published only in journals, making it hard for many key audiences to access. Yet reaching those audiences is essential to catalyzing the change that The Conservancy is dedicated to achieving.